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Welcome to the EUMEDGRID Science Gateway Welcome to the EUMEDGRID Science Gateway

By definition a Science Gateway is a "community-developed set of tools, applications, and data that is integrated via a portal or a suite of applications, usually in a graphical user interface, that is further customized to meet the needs of a specific community".

Who needs a Science Gateway

From within a Science Gateway it is possible to execute well known Scientific Software exploiting a distributed computing environment without taking care of complexities and technicalities behind it. The only requirement needed for the user is to register to the portal.

How to run Science Gateway applications

In this section of the Application portal you can run on the EUMEDGRID infrastructure all the applications you may see listed on the left frame in alphabetical order. Once you are registered and signed in, a further link named 'Run' will appear. By clicking on Run an input form will show up requesting the necessary data to run the software on the EUMEDGRID Grid infrastructure.
If you are not registered yet, please click on Instructions to Register and Sign In.

How to integrate your own applications in the Science Gateway

Anybody can contribute to the Science Gateway proposing a Scientific application to be integrated in it. The first step necessary to include your software into the Science Gateway is to fill this survey.