Instructions to Register and Sign In Instructions to Register and Sign In


1) Register
(If you have already registered an account on the EUMEDGRID-Support application portal go directly to step 2)
In order to create an account on the 
EUMEDGRID-Support Science Gateway you have to click on the "Register" link which appears on the top right of this page.
Once you are in the registration page, fill the form with all the required information. If you already belong to any of the Identity Federations supported, please select it in the list which appears in the form. Otherwise, leave it blank and choose & confirm a password below; you will be enrolled in the IDPCT Identity Provider of the GrIDP Identity Federation. When complete, submit the web form and confirm your request of registration following the link which appears in the email that you will receive by the portal at the address you have indicated in the web form.
2) Sign In
(If you do not have yet an account on the EUMEDGRID-Support application portal go back to step 1).
Once you receive the email informing you that your request of registration to the EUMEDGRID-Support application portal has been accepted by the administrators of the portal, you are ready to sign in. To do so, you can either click on "Sign In", in the top banner of the web page, or follow this link. You will be directed to the the Identity Federations' discovery service. There you have to specify the Federation and the Organisation you belong to. If you did not indicate any in the registration phase, please select "GrIDP" as Federation and "Identity Provider Catania (IDPCT)" as Organisation which are our "catch-all" services. Once you are logged in, you can navigate through the application registry, just clicking on the "Applications" button or directly execute experoments from available application by clicking into the "Science Gateway" button. Once you are done, do not forget to Sign Out clicking on the button which appears on the right of the top panel in the browser.