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In this page it is possible to get an overview about the current EUMED Grid sites and below a list of all Monitoring tools that are currently configured into the EUMEDGRID-Support infrastructure.

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GOCDB (Roc Africa)


GOCDB is the EGI Tool tfhat keeps information about available ROCs and their relative Grid Sites. GOCDB is the key component to perform active Grid site monitoring.
EUMEDGRID-Support together with other EU co-financed project has actively participated to setup and maintain a GOCDB devoted to Africn and some of middle-east countries. Please be aware that not all sites are available in ROC Africa; some of them are published by European ROC EGI


GSTAT is a grid site monitoring tool developed by LCG aiming to offer different overviews of Grid infrastructures to the users.
In particular this monitoring system offers: GeoView, LDAP view, Site view, Service view and VO level view.


The RTM is a visualisation of activity of the grid computing infrastructure. It is developed by Imperial College London as part of the GridPP and e-ScienceTalk projects.
The application displays information from various grid projects including the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI)worldwide LHC Computing Grid (wLCG) and the EUMEDGRID-Support project.


Smokeping service allows to monitor the network availablility of several EUMEDGRID-Support Grid sites. With this service it is possible to see service availability over time.


Nagios service performs a set of tests against the EUMEDGRID-Support infrastructure. These tests give an overview about the health status of the whole Grid infrastructure.


The Service Challenge test born as infrastructure health service tool to monitor the efficiency of Infrastructure' WMSes and CEs in the earliest phase of the project. This tool timely executes a big set of jobs involving all computational resources of the EUMEDGRID-Support infrastructure.
When properly configured this test can be used to produce data challenges automatically as well.
WARNING: Service Challenge service have been temporary dismissed so that the link will not work. If you are interested to get more information on this Service as e-Infrastructure testing tool or even as application data challenging tool, please contact: riccardo.bruno_<at>_ct.infn.it