Supporting technical application developments and users Supporting technical application developments and users

Welcome to the EUMEDGRID Support WP3 website. This Work-Package has the important responsibility to support existing user's applications and assist new applications that will run on the Mediterranean e-Infrastructure. This activity is also committed to study and deliver a strategy for the long-term sustainability of the support system that will be put in place during the project lifetime. Learn more...

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The WP3 Web Portal provides precious information for: Grid users, Application developes and Grid site administrators.

Below a summary of the most important available resources provided by this site:

Supported Applications
EUMEDGRID-Support project offers a production quality Grid Infrastructure to both student and researchers. The term 'support' means that application developers will be helped by a team of experts to execute Grid applications while performing their own scientific experiments. Beside the infrastructure this project offers also a support system and when possible the financial support to participate to the training events jointly organized with the EPIKH project.

Application portfolio
Beside very specific applications directly developed/modified by researchers there exist a huge amount of general purpose applications targeting specific scientific domain computations. Many virtual research communities (VRCs) are currently running these well known applications exploiting the Grid infrastructure rather than using conventional hardware such as small universities, computer labs or centralized local clusters.

HEP Applications
As it is well-known, Grid Technologies have emerged so rapidly because of the developments originated inside the High Energy Physics (HEP) community. This site shows EUMEDGRID-Support Grid sites supporting HEP Applciations.

User Support
Many of the technical information related to the EUMEDGRID-Support project for users is collected by the WP3 web portal.

Add your Application to the EUMEDGRID-Support Science Gateway! Add your Application to the EUMEDGRID-Support Science Gateway!

Do you want to improve your scientific results exploiting the EUMEDGRID-Support e-infrastructure in a easy and modern way? Fill out the following survey with your application information! You will be contacted to start the integration of your application in the innovative EUMEDGRID-Support Science Gateway:

After that, you should provide WP3 team with the following materials about your application:

  • the source code and all additional third party software;
  • the instructions to build the executable on Linux;
  • an example of input and the corresponding output;
  • a short high level description of the application;