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The purpose of BESIII experment is to study basic elements made of matter, interaction among elements and matter,basic rules of particles, etc
The BESIII data processing includes simulation, reconstruction and physics analysis, which consume a huge amount of computing power and storage space(200TB/year).
Therefore,the BESIII experiment plans to make use of distributed computing resources for its simulation and physics analysis. The simulation process is the most suitable activity to be 
ported to the distributed computing environment since the simulation process don't need a large amount of data as input. Therefore, the BESIII science way used
the BESIII simulation as a use case. The BESIII science gateway is to provide BESIII physics users a friendly and convenient interface to submit 
production jobs to various distributed computing resources, such as grid, local cluster,etc, a way for users to split °∞big°± jobs into a certain number of 
°∞small°± jobs in order to fasten the user tasks, and a clear monitoring interface to know job status in real time, and a convenient way to get application logs. 

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