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The EUMEDGRID Support project is organized into 4 main activities, just like "departments" in a factory. The activity identified by "WP3" is the one in charge of providing technical support to researchers wanting to execute their own applications on the EUMEDGRID Support Grid infrastructure.


The set of application supported by WP3 is not closed. New applications are welcome to join at any time. The candidate applications will be selected taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Suitability for Grid deployment
  • Easiness of gridification
  • Grid added value
  • Usage of the infrastructure (number of jobs and frequency of runs)
  • Number of involved institutions from Europe and Mediterranean
  • Potential outreach / impact (in the scientific community, industry, socially in the country, towards policy / decision makers).

However, only applications proposed by researchers affiliated with one of the EUMEDGRID Support partner/member institutions are eligible to be supported.

Organizational structure

Formally, WP3 is organized into 2 sub-activities, named tasks:

Task 3.1 Application and user support through local competence centres (Led by CYNET, Cyprus)

This task will support users and their own applications through the creation of local Competence Centres. These entities will deal with: unresolved scaled-up issues, technical configurations and requirements. These centres will be designed to be sustainable after project end. The Competence Centres will be also the responsible to indentify new applications of relevance in the region in synergy with the other project work-packages (especially WP2) and the work results obtained by important partners like EPIKH.

Task 3.2 Second level support (Led by COMETA, Italy)

Application support on an e-Infrastructure requires a relevant effort on dealing with many different application requirements and different configurations. All these aspects must be taken into consideration in order to build a dedicated and experienced Competence Centre. Due to the importance of such entity, special efforts will be done in order to define strategies and roadmaps defining its long term sustainability. This second level of support will thus improve the quality of the Grid application support and will be one of the key actions in order to guarantee the long-term sustainability. The local teams will have the Grid application support responsibility of their relative countries.


The WP3 Staff is involved in the following tasks

  • T3.1 Application and user support through local competence centres
  • T3.2 Second level support


Institute Name Role Contact
COMETA Riccardo Bruno Activity Manager riccardo.bruno_at_ct.infn.it
COMETA Gianluca Passaro Infrastructure gianluca.passaro_at_ct.infn.it


Mailing lists

The WP3 activity mailing list is: wp3_at_eumedgrid.eu

Ohter project mailing lists are:

WP4 Activity wp4_at_eumedgrid.eu
Project management board pmb-eumedgrid_at_eumedgrid.eu